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Markets update

At the end of August, major global stock markets closed the month in negative territory. European stock markets were mixed on the last trading day of the month, as key central bank policy meetings approached and investors processed regional inflation data.

In the UK, the FTSE 100 closed the month on 7,439.13, a loss of 3.38%. The mid cap focused FTSE 250 closed down 2.81% on 18,605.70, while the FTSE AIM closed August on 741.93, a loss during the month of 2.98%.

Across the pond, investors are awaiting the next batch of US employment data, which will provide a key indicator on the health of the economy and the impact of the Federal Reserve’s rate tightening measures. The Dow Jones Index closed the month down 2.36% on 34,721.91, while the tech-heavy NASDAQ closed the month down 2.17% on 14,034.97.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 finished the month on 32,619.34, down 1.67%. On the continent, the Euro Stoxx 50 closed August on 4,297.11, a loss of 3.90%.

On the foreign exchanges, the euro closed the month at €1.16 against sterling. The US dollar closed at $1.26 against sterling and at $1.08 against the euro.

Tightening physical supplies are supporting oil prices. Brent crude closed August trading at around $86, a gain over the month of 1.04%. Gold closed the month trading at around $1,942 a troy ounce, a monthly loss of around 1.44%.

Index Value (31/08/23) Movement since 31/07/23

FTSE 100 7,439.13 -3.38%

FTSE 250 18,605.70 -2.81%

FTSE AIM 741.93 -2.98%

Euro Stoxx 50 4,297.11 -3.90%

NASDAQ Composite 14,034.97 -2.17%

Dow Jones 34,721.91 -2.36%

Nikkei 225 32,619.34 -1.67%

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