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January Market Overview

Major global indices closed January in positive territory. As the month drew to a close, investors were looking ahead to the Federal Reserve and Bank of England monetary policy decisions in early February.

In the UK, the FTSE 100 ended January on 7,771.70, a gain of 4.29% in the month. The domestically focused FTSE 250, more closely correlated to the UK economy, closed the month up 5.31% on 19,853.45, while the FTSE AIM closed January on 867.82, a monthly gain of 4.39%. UK markets were impacted at month end after the International Monetary Fund’s forecast detailed lagging growth versus G7 counterparts.

Across the pond, the Dow Jones index closed January up 2.83% on 34,086.04, while the NASDAQ closed the month up 10.68% on 11,584.55, amid a flurry of corporate earnings and the imminent Fed policy meeting. On the continent, the Euro Stoxx 50 closed the month on 4,163.45, registering a gain of 9.75%. In Japan, the Nikkei 225 closed January up 4.72%, on 27,327.11.

On the foreign exchanges, the euro closed the month at €1.13 against sterling. The US dollar closed at $1.23 against sterling and at $1.08 against the euro.

Gold closed the month trading at around $1,923 a troy ounce, a monthly gain of around 6.0%. The gold price has risen as demand for the precious metal holds firm in the face of economic uncertainty. Brent crude closed the month trading at around $85 a barrel, a small monthly gain of 0.77%. The next OPEC+ (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies) producer meeting in early February will provide clarity on the trajectory of global supplies.

Index Value (31/01/23) Movement since 31/12/22

FTSE 100 7,771.70 +4.29%

FTSE 250 19,853.45 +5.31%

FTSE AIM 867.82 +4.39%

Euro Stoxx 50 4,163.45 +9.75%

NASDAQ Composite 11,584.55 +10.68%

Dow Jones 34,086.04 +2.83%

Nikkei 225 27,327.11 +4.72%

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