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Annual Suitability Review


Every year, as part of our ongoing service to you it is important to understand if the financial products that you currently have with us remain suitable for you. The first step to this is understanding what (if anything) has changed in relation to your risk profile and your personal / financial details. 

Once that is established, we will then create a review document which covers what has happened in your portfolio over the last year, which will be shared with you.  If any changes need to be made, then we will also propose those changes to you in the form of a new advice report / recommendation.

Please complete the brief form below in order to start the process. All data is stored securely inline with our Terms of Business, available on request.

If you are a joint client, then please both complete this form individually.

Before answering the next question, please check your current attitude to risk (from the email you received inviting you to complete this process). Then please click on the appropriate number below to read the description of your risk profile which will open in a new window.

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